As an editorial consultant and book collaborator, I work with world-renowned experts and thought leaders in the fields of health, psychology, spirituality and creativity. My clients include Fortune 500 executives, Brazilian shamans, Ivy League psychologists, consciousness researchers, Vedic spiritual teachers and creative entrepreneurs.

I’ve helped my clients land six-figure book deals with major publishers including Penguin Random House, St. Martin’s Press, Hay House and Public Affairs/Hachette. (More than one has referred to me as their “secret weapon”!) In an immersive and highly personalized process, we work together to clarify your vision, capture your voice, and take your ideas from concept to creation. I’ve found that it is through the process of harmonizing voice and vision that the real creative magic happens. It’s my great pleasure to act as a guide and support in this process of amplifying important voices and bringing transformative visions to life.

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