I offer one-on-one consultancy for authors, thought leaders, creative entrepreneurs and brands looking to bring bold ideas and transformational visions to life. If you’re working on a book or other editorial project, building or growing a brand, or developing a creative campaign, I've love to help you manifest your vision. 

I help deliver creative solutions and draw out the best of your ideas in an immersive and dynamic collaborative process.

I’ve written a book on creativity, designed a popular creative personality test, and given talks on the subject at places like Google and Yale — not to mention navigating my own journey as a writer and collaborating on dozens of high-impact projects.I know the creative process intimately and can provide clarity and support as you navigate the journey from ideation to execution. My clients include best-selling authors, sustainable design studios, top global creative agencies and Fortune 500 tech companies.

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Creative Types personality test

reach out: creative@carolyngregoire.com